Jumper Frog is a classic game that challenges you to survive amidst traffic. The popular Frogger game inspires it. You can use arrow keys or tap arrow buttons to move your frog across the street and reach the other side before the timer runs out. The objective is to put a frog on each of the five coves to complete a level. Beware of cars along the street, as they can run you over. You can use floating trunks or turtle shells to cross the river. Catching a fly will earn you extra points. You aim to guide five frogs from the bottom to the top and put them into one of the five coves. Can you survive the deadly traffic and complete the levels?


To move the frog, use the arrow keys. You can move it left, right, forward, or backward. The objective is to cross the street without getting hit by cars or trucks. Once you reach the river, jump the frog from one turtle to another and onto the logs without falling into the water.

After crossing the river, you will come across five alcoves. You must get five frogs across the river and place each in the alcoves. Remember, once a frog is in a cavity, you can’t put another frog there. When you manage to get all five frogs safely across the river and into the nooks, you will advance to the next level!

Here are some tips to help you: take your time and don’t panic; remember, you can go backwards if needed; plan which alcove you will place each frog in; and watch out for the diving turtles!

This game should work on all platforms, including Safari and mobile. However, we cannot make any guarantees.

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